Working With Us

Graphite is constantly looking for opportunities to partner with ambitious and talented management teams.

As we typically only make three or four investments a year, backing the right management teams has been key to our success. We review large numbers of opportunities and prioritise those where we can build a strong relationship with management and where we see angles to add value.

With experience of working with more than 100 mid-market companies since 1991, we understand the challenges they typically face in developing to the next stage. We have a long-term record of realising investments for high multiples of cost – partly by maximising profitability, but, crucially, by also working with our management teams to present a clear growth plan to potential buyers and remaining flexible on when we exit. 

Summing up our time together, I realise how much I enjoyed working with Graphite and the contribution they made to the business.

Rosaleen Blair, Chief Executive, Alexander Mann Solutions

They don’t take themselves too seriously but are smart, very rigorous and serious about business.

Neil Clifford, Chief Executive, Kurt Geiger