Investing For Growth

We invest in UK-based businesses across a wide range of sizes and industry sectors.

Our typical size range is £30 million to £150 million but we also invest in smaller or larger companies. In some cases size is a major benefit while in others, particularly in multi-site roll-outs or sector consolidation programmes, smaller companies can grow more rapidly. Using the breadth of our experience in different sectors, we can judge the impact of the economic cycle on each and adjust when we invest accordingly. We have also successfully established new companies in markets that were not served by an attractive existing player.

We use our sector knowledge, our own research and input from external specialists to build up a detailed profile of a company’s market and competitive positioning. This provides a valuable base for devising a strategic plan, and we support the management team in developing that strategy further during our ownership. We like to invest in growth initiatives and innovation early on, which gives time to refine them to ensure they have maximum impact on the exit value.

£2.9 billion


We are delighted to benefit from Graphite’s financial support and its experience in growing businesses.

Adam Lawrence, Chief Executive, London Square

Successfully merging two businesses was no mean feat and Graphite was instrumental in making it happen.

John Bowman, Chief Executive, Education Personnel