Building Partnerships

Adding value

Graphite adds value to its portfolio companies at all levels – strategic, commercial, digital, financial and operational.

Companies’ needs are diverse and vary during the different stages of their development, influenced by market dynamics and technological change. We recognise this and, during our ownership, we focus on areas in which we can make the greatest contribution, drawing on our experience and skills.

Possibly our most important role is to offer advice and support. From extensive experience of similar situations we know what works and what usually doesn’t. We understand the challenges of growing mid-market companies and what is required during the next stage of their development. Managers usually find our experience and level-headed approach particularly valuable in periods of adversity.

Our highly experienced Value Creation team works alongside our investment team, sharing their knowledge and best practice and identifying when specialist external advice may be required. We have a strong track record of working closely with management teams to support operational and financial improvement, organisational design and organic growth.

With more than 100 investments completed since the early 1990s, we have an industry-leading record for identifying what helps mid-market companies grow through different economic cycles. We play a key role in expanding our companies in the UK and internationally through new site openings, additional distribution channels and end markets, e-commerce and acquisitions. Our excellent long-term relationships with debt providers enable us to create the most effective financing structures to fund these initiatives.

Recognising the fast pace of change in technology and consumer behaviour, we focus on optimising digital, social media and IT strategies across our portfolio. We invest in systems and processes designed to enhance staff recruitment, engagement and retention. We help management teams strengthen their customer offering, acquisition and retention, using a multi-channel approach wherever appropriate, building on the experiences of other portfolio companies as well as our contacts with digital specialists.

Graphite supported us in making 36 acquisitions, demonstrating our market consolidation strategy to the next owner.

Duncan Wilkes, Chief Executive, Micheldever Tyre Services

Graphite has been a very active and helpful partner to us as we have transformed every part of the business over recent years.

Guy Williams, CEO, U-POL