Building Partnerships

Building Partnerships

Working in partnership with the managers of our portfolio companies has been central to our success.

Talented managers can transform otherwise unexciting businesses, often through better marketing, digital strategies or greater operational focus. Conversely, even the best-positioned companies will not progress well without strong leadership. High-quality CEOs set the culture, motivate their teams and frequently have an innate understanding of their customers and their markets.

We back people as much as their businesses and pride ourselves on being able to identify and work with CEOs with widely different personalities and experiences. We build flexible partnerships, allowing them to play to their strengths while we focus on areas where our skills and expertise are most relevant. We do not get involved in the day-to-day running of our portfolio companies.

The managers of prospective portfolio companies meet all our senior team members at some stage during the investment process. We will not invest if we do not believe the CEO can deliver the strategic plan; but we have a record of continuing to support the CEOs we do back both in their current business and in subsequent ventures. As continuity of relationships is so important, the leader of our deal team stays with the portfolio company through to exit.

Consistent with this partnership approach, we are open and straightforward in our dealings. Management teams value our integrity, our analytical rigour and pragmatism. They may find the relationship challenging, but also rewarding. Watch the video to see what CEOs say about us.

Graphite has been very good to work with. The team has supported us in growing our business in the way we hoped, they’ve been engaged without being interfering and they’ve been good fun along the way.

Bill Mills, Chief Executive, Explore Learning

Graphite’s advice and support, particularly in difficult markets, have helped us become a global oilfield services provider.

Russel Davies, Chief Executive, Dominion Gas