Healthcare & Life Sciences

We have wide-ranging experience of investing in the broader Healthcare and Life Sciences sector, including health services, pharma services and medical products

The pharma services market benefits from favourable structural dynamics, strong innovation and constantly rising demand. We have backed two rapidly expanding businesses serving the global life sciences market: Random42 and Hanson Wade. Both work with pharma and biotech companies across different continents and sizes, basing their service excellence on deep scientific expertise.

We have recently backed a specialist, medical products business with strong intellectual property, IPL, having had previous experience of the space through our investment in Summit Medical. Our focus is on innovative, niche leaders who can improve quality of life.

In healthcare services, we have invested in care providers with the aim of putting service excellence and quality of outcomes at the heart of their offering. Our investment underpins high-quality care delivered through efficient and innovative models which can quickly gain market share, securing long-term success.

We have an excellent record in the broader healthcare sector, with quality outcomes always at the core of our investment strategy. Our realised investments have generated a return of 2.5x times cost, with no investment returning less than 1.6x cost. We have twice won the ‘Health Investor of the Year’ award.