Hanson Wade

Graphite backed Hanson Wade to create the leading information services provider to the global life sciences R&D

Hanson Wade provides critical, difficult-to-obtain information primarily to R&D scientists and other participants within the global life sciences industry. Its information services products focus on tightly defined niches within their respective market verticals and provide an invaluable source of information and reference data to improve client decision making and provide access to the latest developments within their target area.

Hanson Wade performs a complex role in originating, maintaining and developing high-quality conference brands. The majority of Hanson Wade’s events are based in the US, with the company also having a material presence in the UK and across Europe. Following the outbreak of Covid-19, Graphite supported the business to accelerate its digital strategy, converting the vast majority of its conferences into a digital format. Since then, events have returned to a physical format, with Hanson Wade’s digital offering underpinning other products.

The company also provides a number of subscription-based products including Beacon, a clinical trials database. Significant investment has been made to replatform Beacon, to increase its scalability and enhance its user interface. The number of Beacon modules has more than trebled, significantly enlarging its addressable market. Graphite has further supported the successful launch of a number of new complementary information service products. We are excited about the opportunity to further broaden Hanson Wade’s presence within the global life sciences market, which provides material scope for expansion.

Hason Wade