Horizon Care and Education

Graphite Capital is expanding Horizon Care and Education (“Horizon”) consolidating its position as a leading provider of specialist care and education for children and young people

Horizon provides high-quality care for young people with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs through three divisions: residential, education and transitional services. It is managing 45 residential homes, fifteen day schools, a remote education offering, and 350+ supported living flats across England. Working closely with local authorities and professional bodies, Horizon aims to ensure that each child and young person is placed in an environment that suits their individual care and educational needs. In September 2019, Graphite Capital supported Horizon’s acquisition of Cressey College, an operator of schools for children with SEMH needs, which is based in South London.

There is a growing need for specialist high-acuity children’s residential homes. Each of Horizon’s homes seeks to provide a nurturing family environment for two to four children. Growing numbers of children also require a specialist educational setting as their SEMH needs make them unsuitable for mainstream schools.

Local authorities are increasingly aware of the need to provide a managed transition into adult life for 16-18 year old care leavers. Horizon’s transitional service provides them with access to quality accommodation and one-to-one support and life-skills preparation to help their move into adulthood.

As a result of its strong links with local authorities, Horizon can identify geographical areas in need of extra capacity for residential homes, specialist schools and supported living accommodation. The group offers a complementary blend of children’s services, providing continuity of care which always puts the interests, wellbeing and future of every child and young person first.

Horizon Care and Education