YSC Consulting

In October 2017 we backed the MBO of YSC, the leading independent global provider of leadership consulting and management assessment services

YSC is the leading independent provider of leadership strategy consulting and management assessment services, in a large global market estimated to be worth c.£1.8bn and growing at around 10% per annum. Headquartered in London, YSC has a global reach with 18 further offices in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific. They have 231 staff, including 100 highly qualified consultants and a network of associates to provide flexibility of delivery.

Graphite’s successful track record in business services was key to being chosen by management. We backed the talented CEO who has been with the company since 1993 and in his current position since 2014. YSC has a strong track record of revenue and EBITDA growth and high cash generation. Its blue-chip, international customer base is highly diversified with 58% of its 400 clients in the FTSE 350 or Fortune 500 and includes BP, Diageo, Facebook, gsk, HSBC and Qantas.

Graphite plans to support YSC’s rapid expansion in the US along with the opportunity to further penetrate the global private equity market. With a high quality differentiated offering, alongside a scalable technology platform, there is significant scope for an effective global offering in an increasingly globalised and fragmented market. Continued organic growth can be accelerated through strategic acquisitions from greater geographic exposure, deeper sector penetration, or complement the existing service range.