YSC Consulting

YSC is being positioned as the leading independent tech-enabled and data-driven global provider of leadership strategy consulting and management assessment services

YSC is the leading independent provider of leadership strategy consulting and management assessment services, in a large global market estimated to be worth c.£1.8bn and growing at around 10% per annum. Headquartered in London, YSC has a global reach with 18 further offices in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific. It delivers its strongly differentiated service through 100 highly qualified consultants and a network of associates who provide flexibility and scalability.

Graphite backed a strong management team with a track record of client acquisition and retention. YSC’s blue-chip, international customer base is highly diversified with almost 60% of its clients in the FTSE 350 or Fortune 500. Corporate clients include BP, Diageo, Facebook, gsk, HSBC, PayPal, Gilead and Microsoft.

Graphite is supporting YSC’s rapid expansion in the US and is also focused on the opportunity to further penetrate the global private equity market. We have also driven significant investment in YSC’s scalable technology platform, which will complement its outstanding consultancy services with data-driven analysis and to create significant scope for a broader and more effective service offering in an increasingly globalised and highly fragmented market. As a customer-facing business with a global client base, demand for YSC’s work was inevitably impacted by Covid-19 including due to remote working practices and travel restrictions. However, the business was quick to respond to the changing needs of its clients, launching virtual offerings across all key service lines and successfully developing new crisis-related leadership products.  As a result, demand has significantly increased for YSC’s services. The business has fully recovered from the impact of Covid-19 and the underlying market growth drivers remain favourable. While organic growth remains the priority, the business will continue to consider strategic acquisitions to drive greater geographic coverage, deeper sector penetration, or as a complement to the existing service range.