Optimum Care

Graphite provided £26 million of development capital to Optimum Care, alongside £70 million of bank debt, to enable it to build and acquire 17 high quality care homes

Optimum was set up in June 2007 as a successor company to a previous Graphite investment, Avery Healthcare, and was managed by the same team.

Optimum’s strategy was to own the highest quality care homes which would be the home of choice in their given catchment area. The market was attractive due to increasing demand from an ageing population and a shortage of good quality homes.

Optimum Care


Built nine new care homes, acquired four and contracted to manage four leasehold homes

Grew to 17 care homes comprising 1,203 beds

Raised significant bank debt, with Graphite’s support, to fund its expansion

Sold and leased back two of its freehold properties


Internal Rate of Return


In 2013 Optimum Care was sold to Four Seasons Healthcare, the UK's leading independent health and social care group. Across Avery and Optimum, Graphite generated a return of 2.1 times its investment and an IRR of 42 per cent.