Explore Learning

Under Graphite’s ownership, Explore has become the uncontested nationwide leader of centre-based and online tuition for children aged between 5 and 16

Founded by the current management team in 2001, Explore now has a national network of around 100 centres, located in or near supermarkets, shopping centres and high streets. The company also provides online tuition, with tutors using Explore’s unique, in-house developed, adaptive e-learning tool.  Explore provides high-quality, individualised mathematics and English tuition twice a week to its members as a complement to schooling or in preparation for 11+, 13+ or GCSE exams. In the centres, members work in small groups, with each child learning at a workstation that provides individualised tuition resources. At home, children are tutored one-on-one or one-on-three, with tutors responding to each child’s individual needs.

Following Graphite’s investment, Explore significantly expanded its centre footprint. Graphite has strengthened the management team, supported investment into systems and processes and helped transform Explore into a nationwide operator with strong brand recognition. This has allowed Explore’s fun, vibrant and interactive centres to grow their presence in a highly fragmented tuition market. Graphite has also supported the development of Explore’s e-learning platform, which was launched during the Covid-19 crisis to great acclaim by members.

Graphite is supporting Explore in continuing to expand its successful service offering by further adapting its consumer proposition and by developing its best-in-class software tool. The company has consistently been listed in the Sunday Times top 100 ‘Best Companies to Work for’, highlighting the emphasis placed on work environment, staff welfare and service delivery.