Babble Cloud

Graphite backed Babble to strengthen further its leading position as a provider of cloud-based ‘Talk & Tech’ solutions

Babble is a ‘cloud-first’ business-to-business communications service provider, focused on serving fast-growing small and mid-sized UK corporates. The company’s offering is centred on cyber services, ‘unified communications as a service’ (‘UCaaS’) and ‘contact centre as a service’ (‘CCaaS’).

Babble’s cyber services comprise of cloud-based applications and security services to enable modern working and strengthen business resilience. UCaaS refers to the integration of business communications, including voice, email and instant messaging, onto a single cloud-based platform, enabling corporates to connect and collaborate effectively and efficiently, both internally and with customers from any location, on any device. CCaaS is a cloud-based software solution that enables staff to handle inbound and outbound customer and supplier contacts from multiple channels including phone, email, web, live-chat, video or social media, from a single platform.

Graphite is supporting Babble in the acceleration of its organic growth by investing in and growing its sales force, and cross-selling services to its expanding customer base. Graphite has also accelerated Babble’s acquisition programme by completing 28 acquisitions in the three years of ownership. Significant investment has been made in building an internal M&A capability focused on origination, execution and integration of target acquisitions. This should enable Babble to continue to consolidate its highly fragmented addressable market.

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