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We have made more than 100 investments since the early 1990s, generating high returns across a wide range of sectors, through many economic cycles

The relative attractiveness of different sectors will ebb and flow with economic cycles and changes in technology, consumer preferences, distribution methods and government policy. Equally, the key requirements for a successful investment will evolve. We have consistently adapted and refined our approach to reflect this changing environment. Since the early 1990s, we have developed a detailed understanding of a broad range of sectors and built up an extensive range of contacts who source and advise us on new opportunities.  Many of our portfolio companies operate across multiple sectors, which makes our breadth of knowledge and experience invaluable. For example, we have backed business services companies which operate in the financial services, industrial, energy, automotive, health and care, education and leisure sectors. Similarly, we have introduced or developed digital marketing platforms into all of our B2B service businesses.

More than


Investments in many industry sectors