May 2024

Wonderbly is a Certified B Corp

We are proud to announce that our portfolio company Wonderbly has become a Certified B Corp. They join a global community of businesses audited and proven to meet high environmental and social standards, accountability, and transparency. Asi Sharabi, Founder & CEO said “Since our accidental inception, our intention was super clear: build a company that inherently does good. The B Corp accreditation process, however daunting, was not about transforming who we are but rather resoundingly validating the path we have always chosen.”

Wonderbly is the world’s leading publisher of personalised books, printing its books on-demand across the globe and operating in over 150 countries. In April 2024 they reached the milestone of having sold over 10 million personalised books. Graphite has supported Wonderbly in optimising its data, pricing and category expansion strategies, with Wonderbly now successfully selling personalised books for adults as well as children.

Wonderbly now joins Hawksmoor as a Certified B Corp in Graphite’s portfolio.