Trenchard Aviation

Graphite Capital established Trenchard to consolidate the fragmented aircraft cabin maintenance segment of the civil aviation aftermarket

Trenchard provides aircraft cabin maintenance services, mainly to ‘blue-chip’ airlines and their tier-one suppliers. It was established in November 2015 with the acquisitions of Aero-Technics and Airbase, and has since acquired two further businesses, Servecorp and Reheat. The group delivers services either directly to the aircraft (on-wing) as part of airlines’ regular checks or from specialist facilities (interiors engineering and manufacturing) as part of a more comprehensive overhaul. Trenchard has operations within or near the airports at Manchester, Dubai, Heathrow and Gatwick. Graphite is supporting Trenchard in integrating and professionalising its acquired businesses and in broadening the range of cabin maintenance services provided to customers in the UK and internationally. Graphite has led the development of the management team and worked alongside them to effect significant operational and quality improvements. Graphite is driving Trenchard to further consolidate the fragmented and highly regulated cabin maintenance market.