NRS Healthcare

Graphite is supporting NRS Healthcare, the UK’s leading provider of community products and services, in further broadening its offering to public and private sector customers

NRS is a leading provider of community products and services which are used to help the elderly and disabled live independently in their own homes. The group is the exclusive outsourced provider for a large number of Local Authorities across the UK. It also sells a large range of products directly to the consumer through a range of online channels. A smaller division provides clinical services to public sector customers.

Community products range from Simple Aids, such as bed rails, through to Complex Aids, such as hoists. These daily-living aids delay the point at which the users require more expensive residential or hospital care, enabling the NHS to reduce costs and to alleviate hospital overcrowding. 

Graphite is supporting NRS’s growth across all of its divisions, both organically and with further acquisitions, with a focus on self-pay and clinical services. We are placing particular focus on further developing the company’s digital strategy and IT systems.