Hanson Wade

Graphite backed Hanson Wade to consolidate its market leadership in conference organisation and information services provision to the global pharmaceutical industry and other research-led customers

Hanson Wade performs a complex role in originating, maintaining and developing high-quality B2B conference brands, managing the event lifecycle, aligning content with attendees’ evolving interests and coordinating sponsors. The conferences, which focus on tightly defined niches within their respective market verticals, provide an invaluable educational forum for industry participants to learn about the latest developments within their specialist areas, network with peers and connect with potential customers and suppliers.

The majority of Hanson Wade’s events are based in the US, with the company also having a material presence in the UK and across Europe. Hanson Wade leverages its extensive contact network to identify key opinion leaders within specific topic areas and drive delegate attendance. Given the sector-leading depth and quality of Hanson Wade’s conferences, the company attracts strong repeat bookings from both delegates and sponsors. 

Graphite is supporting Hanson Wade in further broadening its presence within the global life sciences market, which provides significant scope for expansion. Following the outbreak of Covid-19, Graphite has supported the business to accelerate its digital strategy, converting the vast majority of its conferences into a digital format. We are excited about the opportunity to expand Hanson Wade into adjacent healthcare and life sciences markets, both organically and through acquisition. Additionally, there is scope to accelerate the company’s investment in its subscription database, Beacon.