Empowering Learning

Graphite brought together an experienced management team to set up and develop a diversified education service provider, initially focusing on teacher training and recruitment

The new company acquired Empowering Learning on inception in 2017 and TimePlan later that year. Both companies are among the most established and well-respected agencies in the supply teaching market. In 2018, the company acquired Team Teach, the UK’s leading provider of behavioural management training to teachers.  

Empowering Learning is led by a highly talented CEO with an extensive and successful track record in the sector. Graphite has significant experience in this market, having previously successfully invested in Education Personnel. In recruitment, organic growth is driven by attracting talented consultants and opening a substantial network of offices across the UK. The training division is expanding its course offering in the UK and internationally. The company has a bank of skilled EAL (English as an additional language) teachers while its flagship training package, the Teachers’ Standards Programme, supports teachers with overseas training wanting to work in UK classrooms.

Supply teaching involves the provision of temporary staff to cover planned and unplanned vacancies in classrooms. The market is relatively stable as absences are not heavily influenced by the economic cycle. Short-term vacancies typically result from sickness and training days. Longer-term placements are driven by maternity leave cover and unfilled full-time vacancies.

Behavioural management training for teachers is underpinned by strong demand drivers, including rising levels of inappropriate behaviour by children and the continuing upward pressure on class sizes.  Graphite is supporting the business in broadening its existing service offering further. As part of this, we are also reviewing acquisition opportunities.