Beck & Pollitzer

In September 2016, Graphite Capital backed the management buy-out of Beck & Pollitzer (“B&P”), with the objective on continuing its successful international expansion.

B&P is a market leader in industrial machinery installation and relocation. The business employs over 800 staff across 24 offices in 15 countries. B&P has a diversified and loyal “blue chip” customer base. The group’s activities are currently distributed between Eastern Europe, Western Europe, India, the UK and North America.

Since acquisition, B&P has expanded into North America. Initially B&P delivered a large project in North Carolina for an existing customer. In February 2018, B&P acquired Clarkson Industrial, the largest machinery installation provider in North Carolina. B&P has also diversified into the metals sector following the successful delivery of a substantial project in Iceland. 

Graphite plans to support B&P’s continued sector diversification and international growth. Graphite and the management team have identified further acquisition opportunities in North America, the largest market for installation services globally, and Germany, the largest market in Europe. Acquisitions would complement B&P’s organic growth initiatives in these countries.