Graphite Capital is a responsible investor and strongly supports environmental and social initiatives across its portfolio companies.

We take into account all relevant considerations of responsible investing. We assess our target companies across a broad range of criteria:

  • Environmental, including energy efficiency measures, waste management, raw material procurement of sustainable sources
  • Social, including compliance with prevailing employment legislation, health and safety, risk management
  • Governance, including compliance with bribery and anti-corruption legislation, responsible marketing and sales procedures, supply chain audits, internal audit functions
  • Sustainability, taking into consideration every dimension of how the business operates in the social, cultural and economic environment with a view to formulating strategies that foster longevity through transparency and employee development

We also monitor our portfolio companies’ ongoing compliance with the policies and standards set out at the time of our investment, pursuing improvement initiatives where appropriate.

In their due diligence Graphite ascertained that sustainable sourcing, health and safety and quality workmanship were of the highest standard across our businesses.

Roy Wakeman, CEO, Performance Timber Products

Graphite’s investment decision was backed up by thorough analysis of our care and quality system which is at the heart of our business. Graphite rightly takes its status as a responsible investor seriously.

John Strowbridge, CEO, Avery Health