Graphite Capital establishes £1m ‘Graphite Capital Bursary Fund’ with Buttle UK to help children and young people in serious need throughout the UK

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Graphite Capital has established a £1m dedicated charitable fund in association with children and youth charity, Buttle UK. Buttle was established by Frank Buttle in 1953 to help children and young people across the UK whose safety, health or development are at serious risk. Buttle does this by making small grants, based on individual need, to provide practical solutions that give children and young people a fighting chance in life. A grant can range from buying a bed or clothes for a job interview, to funding a college course or training opportunity. Buttle supports around 23,000 children and young people each year from a variety of circumstances, including children coming from homes experiencing domestic violence, to young people coming out of prison and needing help to start again.

One of the largest, most vulnerable groups of young people within this are estranged young adults from the ages of 16-20, who do not have the support of parents or carers and are often not the main focus of charitable activity. The Graphite Capital Bursary Fund will focus specifically on helping this group of young people, providing grants of up to £2,000, and aiming to help them back into employment, education or training while establishing their new home.

Graphite donated £1m to the Fund which will be distributed over a ten year period. Buttle estimates that over the lifetime of the Fund at least 630 young people will be supported with a grant, contributing to their development.

Thousands of young people across the UK are trying to live without the kind of parental support most of us take for granted. These 16-20 year olds are struggling to live on their own, but they do not choose this life lightly. They are forced out of their homes because relationships have broken down irrevocably, or the family simply cannot afford to keep them. Many have suffered abuse. The Graphite Capital Bursary Fund will offer hundreds of these young people, not just a lifeline, but a chance to make a better future for themselves. We are truly grateful for their generous support.

Gerri McAndrew, CEO, Buttle UK

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