Shaping great businesses

Graphite Capital is a leading independent private equity investor focused on the UK mid-market.

We have raised and managed private equity funds since 1981 and became independent in 2001. We have over 30 years’ experience of investing in mid-sized businesses and of working with their management teams to develop and grow them. During that time, we have successfully backed over 300 companies across a wide range of industry sectors, delivering strong returns for our investors.


TMP Worldwide

assets/images/png_icons/TMP_Worldwide_icon.pngTMP, the UK’s leading recruitment, employer brand and communications agency, has grown significantly under Graphite Capital’s ownership, benefiting from our considerable experience of investing in the recruitment sector

Graphite Enterprise Trust

In addition to its direct investment activity in the UK, Graphite has a dedicated fund investment operation, Graphite Capital Fund Investors, run by an experienced team of investment professionals. They invest on behalf of Graphite Enterprise Trust PLC, an investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange.